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No Nash, No Cash?

Steve Nash has been a member of the Phoenix community for over 15 years. Nash has averaged 14.5 points and 8.6 assists per game for his career. This offseason, he will be a free agent and will have the option to leave the Suns if he pleases. But other than a basketball impact, how else can the absence of Nash affect the Phoenix community?

Will the Suns have to continue without Steve Nash?

“As a pro athlete, if you’re in the business long enough, you’re going to have to come to that cross road,” said Steve Heredia on the possibility of Nash leaving the Suns. “He needs to do what is best for his family.”

Heredia has been a Suns fan for 8 years now and was drawn to the Suns originally because of Steve Nash. “I just really liked his work ethic and how he approached the game.”

“I think that the loss of Steve Nash will make the team better. His better days are behind him, therefore, its time for Nash to go unless they get stars to come and play with him,” said Sid Ismail, a Suns fan for 20 years.

“The Suns will probably regress; get a little worse before they get better. Depending on the ownership, that’s how far the Suns will go,” said Ismail. “In basketball, you can’t without spending money on the team. The sooner Nash leaves the sooner they will turn the corner.”

“No. Definitely not.” That was Ismail’s respond to whether the loss of Steve Nash would impact business in Downtown Phoenix.

Steve Nash has been the logo of the Phoenix Sun’s franchise for several years now. Without him, people believe that the Suns will not receive as much attention if they had Nash on the squad. Not as much attention means that less people will visit the game so therefore downtown business will not make as much money as before. “The suns were here before Steve Nash and will be here after Steve Nash,” said Ismail.

Steve Nash is an unrestricted free agent this summer so he can sign with whatever team he would please. Nash has never made it to the finals in his NBA career and would like to win a championship before his professional days are over.

“I would like to see Nash get the three year contract he is asking for,” said Heredia. “I would have to hate to see Steve Nash in a different uniform.”

By Eduardo Mora


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