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Cronkite Summer Journalism Institute 2012

Mercury point guard’s past with Sparks, Shock makes for friendly competitions

Point guard Andrea Riley goes for points. (photograph by Cassidy Trowbridge)

Andrea Riley, point guard of the Phoenix Mercury, had a strange start to the 2012 season. She played her two previous teams, Tulsa and LA, in the first two games.

“It was fun to see my old teammates… because I used to see them all the time,” Riley said. “We’re so competitive, but in the game, like we kind of joke a little bit.”

Riley maintains professionalism by seeing these games as a “friendly competition.” She played for the Los Angeles Sparks in the 2010 season. She was then transferred to the Tulsa Shock until this season, when she joined the Phoenix Mercury. She gets along with the team nicely.

“It’s kind of like organized chaos,” Riley said. “That’s fun, especially when everything’s going right.”

Riley continues to keep in contact with old teammates and friends.

“Sometimes we talk on the phone, it just depend on who it is,” Riley said. “Like the people who I am really close with, we can talk on the phone. Or we’ll Skype and just try to keep in touch with each other like overseas.”

Riley’s time in Oklahoma also inspired her to volunteer.

“I went to Oklahoma State, so it’s kind of like a second home of mine,” Riley said. “[Now that I have time, I am] going to read to kids and just have a positive influence and just show little boys and girls that you can live your dream.”

-Kellie Reynolds, Web Editor


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