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Cronkite Summer Journalism Institute 2012

Local markets interest some, put off others

There seems to be a recurring struggle for citizens in the downtown Phoenix area.

Should buyers go down to the local market and buy groceries there, or should they head over to the neighborhood Walmart, a place

There are many local markets, like this one, all around the Phoenix area. Some customers choose places like this, over a corporate company. Credit: Google.

for one-stop shopping? There are benefits and drawbacks to both.

For Phoenix native, Hedi Plumb, she would rather choose the local market. “I prefer spending money at local stores,” she shared. “I want to know where my money goes and keep the money in pockets of local businesses.”

Her decision isn’t only based off of knowing exactly where her money is going; she also enjoys helping out a local business to keep them up and running. She is more inclined to “stimulate the local economy rather than a corporate entity.”

However, that isn’t the case for everyone. Ranjit Chahal, a newcomer to Phoenix, doesn’t go to local markets, but rather to corporate, big name businesses. In general, Chahal prefers a place like Walmart over a local business because he finds it “easier.”

He noted that in big companies, there tends to be more people and workers willing to help out the customer. He also explained that he is able to “find things easily,” such as anything from groceries to a big screen TV.

Although he admitted that when it comes to vegetables and produce, farmer markets are better because they are more “natural and fresh,” he will not go out of his way to swing by the local business.

What does this mean for Phoenix? Well, with more people like Plumb in the area, the local economy would boom and more small businesses would emerge onto the scene.

However, when people like Chahal go shopping, they look for the one-stop shop, which some local businesses cannot accommodate. When that happens, the money circulates in the big business, monopoly-type world, which causes the small mom-and-pop shops to go under.

-Meranda Yslas, Staff Reporter


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