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Cronkite Summer Journalism Institute 2012

A Fitness Struggle

Caleb Peckham uses the necessary equipment through all athletic adventures

Students leave home to attend summer institutes with differing expectations. Some want to learn specific skills. Others want to experience new surroundings.

Many drag along a desperate hope to stay in shape while spending two weeks away from home. This dedicated group will go to extreme measures to exercise. This includes getting up early in the morning to run on treadmills and use weight equipment.

Major obstacles stand in the way. Top of the list is the availability of food.

The meals at Taylor Place are all-you-can-eat. Who would have thought the “freshman fifteen” could pack on so quickly.

Although SJI students are here for just two weeks here, the daily temptation of one more burger or ice cream cone can be overwhelming. Although not all the food may be appetizing, the results are evident. Just check the scale.

Timing always seems to be an issue. Sleep seductively beckons even as the 6:15 alarm blares.

You can always work out tomorrow, right? Or maybe you can use the equipment in the evening. But then there is the problem of being too busy at night or the annoyance of actual college students using the fitness center. How dare they? Or maybe I will get enough exercise by walking around or climbing the stairs of the Cronkite building. Not really.

The individual fitness center approach varies. Some focus on weight machines.  Others max out on  push-ups, pull-ups, planks, and more. I have witnessed people using the elliptical for seemingly forever. (I could never use an elliptical for that long.)  I even saw one person sitting motionless on a stationary bike. That didn’t really seem useful, but that’s just me.

Personally, I run on the treadmill. Fortunately, (unlike Max last week) I have running shoes to wear while continually pounding a revolving strip of rubber. Thank goodness for shoes!

-Caleb Peckham


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