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Cronkite Summer Journalism Institute 2012

S.W.A.T. Team Appearance Spices Up the Weekend

The SJI experience was turned upside down Friday evening when counselor Sade Hurst heroically dove to the ground of the Taylor Place second floor workout facility. The motive for the movement is undetermined. While no longer under investigation it did spawn SJI’s SWAT Team.

SWAT Team SJI, comprised of eight student journalists from Florida to Fresno, is known to search for truth, protect the innocent and ruthlessly investigate all manner of anomalies in the Phoenix metro area.

The exuberant bunch has been spotted purchasing hot pink polos from Tempe Market Place’s American Eagle Outfitters, crying over the Boston Celtics ECF defeat and eating cereal in a bowl with no milk.

(From left to right) Nathan Kolker, Tynin Fries, and Justine Dominguez display the SJI S.W.A.T. Team sign on June, 10

Of course the SWAT Team’s superhero costumes need the occasional washing. Due to the absence of laundry detergent at Taylor Place, they may resort to using a wide variety of shampoo.

As journalists, the SWAT Team feels the need to engage in contemporary drive-thru acts of social media. “Uniconeing” is sure to gain popularity in coming weeks because of the willingness to believe and 100+ temperatures.

The SWAT Team has seen it all. From the kids in the candy store to the disappearance of even-floor chairs, their camaraderie will never be broken.

Locals  leaving for the weekend can be assured that the SWAT Team is on duty ready to maintain order on the Phoenix campus once again.

– Nathan Kolker


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