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Cronkite Summer Journalism Institute 2012

Our First Assignments

Julian De Ocampo looks on as DBacks TV producers bring the game to viewers at home.

Sleep has not been kind to me. I chalk it up to the fact that my sleeping schedule has been completely erratic. Moreover, my laptop slowly sucks away my well-being, consuming my attention at night. After getting four hours of sleep the first night and six hours the second, I can firmly say that I am slowly crashing as I type this.

Also adding lassitude to my state of being is the fact that the SJI schedule is hectic. We started off today with a brief breakfast, followed by a long tour of the Entravision radio network studios. All the different employees at the station spoke to us about their roles in keeping the station running, further solidifying my desire to be a radio reporter.

ESPN Deportes DJs broadcast live to bring the latest in sports news in Spanish.

After returning to the campus, we learned about creating online websites for our publications. Although my school already utilizes social media and maintains a web presence, the lecture was helpful to the other students.

Later, we heard back from our instructor Dave Cornelius. He instructed us to spend 45 minutes walking around, searching for story ideas. Although the weather was hot, it was nice to get out of the classroom and explore the downtown sector.

After pitching our ideas, I was informed that I would be Page Editor of the “Arts and Entertainment” section here at The Pitchfork Press. My current responsibilities are to work on my article (which will be posted soon) and to make sure the “Arts and Entertainment” section writers are working on their stories.

Now, before I die of sleep deprivation, I will bid you adieu to rest my eyes.

-Julian De Ocampo


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